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  • Black Lace Parasol - Opened

    Accessory Details: The truth is that every dainty and girly girl should have at least one black lace parasol in her closet. For all of those days that you want to keep your girly girl look when you are walking around. This... View details

  • Cupid Bow And Arrow Set

    Accessory Details: Planning to play Cupid this Valentine's Day? You'll definitely need the Cupid Bow And Arrow Set.  Use the red plastic bow with white string to launch the sequined heart-tipped arrow toward your... View details

  • Devil's Pitchfork

    Accessory Details: No devil costume is complete without the Devil's Pitchfork. When you put on the pointy horns of the devil, don't forget to grab this red hot pitchfork to complete your red hot costume. The pointy... View details

  • Disney Maleficent Vinyl Horns Headpiece Deluxe Adult
    $30.00 $25.95

    Accessory Details: Imagine yourself look like Maleficent when you wear this black horns headpiece. Those large black horns are the first thing that comes to mind. This headpiece features vinyl black horns that curl up... View details

  • Feather Duster for French Maid Costume - Turkey Feathers

    Accessory Details: If you are going to be a French Maid for Halloween, your costume will never be complete without a sexy feather duster to complete the look. This is a lightweight feather duster with soft white feathers at... View details

  • Flapper Handbag - small, black purse with beaded strap
    $18.00 $15.95

    Accessory Details: A flapper girl is only as good as the accessories she is carrying. This dazzling black bag is perfect if you are dressing up as a flapper’s girl in a black dress for Halloween this year. This... View details

  • Flapper girl - 13 inches black plastic cigarette holder, silver tip, cream-colored mouthpiece

    Accessory Details: Every flapper girl costume needs a proper and this plastic cigarette holder is just what you need to bring your costume to life. This elegant accessory is perfect for costumes from between the roaring... View details

  • Flapper girl deluxe 14 inch extendable golden metal holder with cigarette ejecting feature
    $10.00 $8.95

    Accessory Details: Every flapper girl costume needs a proper and this classic deluxe cigarette holder is just what you need to bring your costume to life. This elegant accessory is perfect for costumes from between the... View details

  • Genie Lamp

    Accessory Details: Go ahead and grant some wishes! This is the perfect prop if you were to dress up as a genie with great and mystical powers! This bronze toned lamp prop will add just the right dose of magic to... View details

  • Gingham Basket

    Accessory Details: This perfect little woven basket holds all the goodies you need for a night of partying, then does double duty as a picnic basket during the summer. Use this basket as a tote accessory for the Little... View details

  • Gold and Red Rubies Princess Wand - golden scepter-style wand, four red faux rubies on top, length approximately 16 inch

    Accessory Details: Bippity boppity boo! No fairy princess costume is complete without a wand to really make the magic happen. This red and gold colored wand will really make you feel like you have the magical powers to make... View details

  • Maleficent Staff - measures at 57 inch

    Accessory Details: Maleficient might not have her wings anymore, but she still has a magical staff that she can use. As long as you are yielding this staff, you will feel just as powerful as she did. The staff is 57 inches... View details

  • Pink Flamingo Crop
    $17.99 $14.95

    Accessory Details: This Pink Flamingo Crop with a black satin bow is the perfect accessory for your fantasy costume.  View details

  • Pirate Chest Purse

    Accessory Details: You'll never have to leave your treasure behind when you have this bag. This personal-size purse has the traditional shape and roomy interior. It's high style for the costume-party fashion,... View details

  • Pirate Patch and Earring

    Accessory Details: It's an absolute must to have accessory for any pirate costume.  It's lined in soft polyester and designed to fit comfortably over your eye. Even though its design speaks of simplicity, the faux... View details

  • Pirate Pistol

    Accessory Details: This Pirate Pistol is the perfect gun accessory to complete your next pirate costume. The plastic toy replica of a pirate pistol is a lightweight gun toy with a plastic brown barrel, a... View details

  • Pirate Sword

    Accessory Details: This Pirate Sword accessory is a must have tool for any successful pirate. It is made to look as authentic as swords used by pirates in the early ages. From the intricate carvings on the blade to the... View details

  • Pirate's Treasures Pouch

    Accessory Details: This pouch is sometimes every stylish pirate needs as a way to hold on to all treasures! With a parrot on your shoulder, sword at your side and eye patch on your face, the last thing you need is this... View details

  • Pointy Ear Tips - Latex accessories for costume
    $13.00 $11.95

    At A Glance: Considering to dress up as one of fantasy creatures with a pair pointy ears? It doesn't matter if you want to play a role of Elf, or any other pointy-eared character, the Pointy Ear Tips accessories are exactly... View details

  • Rabbit Purse - White/Gold - Alice in Wonderland
    $25.99 $19.95

    Accessory Details: This White & Gold Rabbit Purse is perfect accessory for your Alice in Wonderland costume. This plush white rabbit purse futures a blue satin bow, glitter red heart detail, white handle... View details

  • Rhinestone Handle Vixen Black Whip
    $21.99 $18.95

    Accessory Details: Is your imagination wild enough to see yourself using a whip? You have a chance to play this role with our Rhinestone Handle Vixen Black Whip. This lightweight whip is perfect if you want to add... View details

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