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Masquerade Costumes for Men

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  • Adult Prince Charming Costume
    $54.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Do you want look like the royal heir from a fairy tale? Then wearing this Adult Prince Charming Costume for your next costumed party is sure way to do so and get noticed. Costume... View details

  • Black Hooded Cape Costume for Men. - new
    $55.99 $49.95

    At A Glance:  Costume Details:  Wearing Suggestions: Black Plague Doctor Mask Where to Wear: Halloween, Samhain Festival, Vampire or Renaissance Themed parties, Medieval Fair... View details

  • Colonial Man Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Colonial Man Costume Deluxe depict traditional outfit of colonial times gentleman.  Costume Details: Red brocade coat is adorned with gold braid trim and buttons. A tight-fitting velvet... View details

  • Confederate Soldier Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Confederate Soldier Costume Deluxe is a theatrical quality costume depicting Civil War soldier.  Costume Details: A traditionally gray-colored gabardine jacket is accented with a yellow trim and... View details

  • Count Dracula Costume. - new
    $78.99 $69.95

    At A Glance:  Costume Details: This costume featuring a black velvet coat with long sleeves, intricate detailed cuffs, a gold embroidered bodice with button details, pocket accents, and a white ruffled neck piece... View details

  • Gangster Halloween Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Gangster Halloween Costume is to depict influential man that dominated the city during the gangster period.  Costume Details: Costume includes white gabardine double-breasted jacket and matching... View details

  • King Henry VIII Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This costume of King Henry VIII depicts a legendary ruler of England. Costume Details: A blue velvet shirt embellished with decorative trim and faux rhinestones, a short and ornamental mantle trimmed... View details

  • King Neptune Cosutme Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This King Neptune Costume Deluxe depicts a god of a fresh water and the sea according to Roman mythology.  Costume Details: Green trim with gold leaves pattern accents sleeves, neckline, and a... View details

  • Mardi Gras Costume for Men. - new

    At A Glance: This Mardi Gras Costume for Men is created with traditional meaningful colors purple, gold and green.  Costume Details: A thin gold vest with purple buttons is paired with black trousers. A... View details

  • Matador Costumen Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Matador Costume Deluxe is a hight quality Spanish bullfighter costume that depicts brave and skillful toreador.  Costume Details: A black velour bolero jacket is generously adorned with... View details

  • Medieval King Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Medieval King costume presents the image of unchallenged authority and unstoppable power.  Costume Details: Majestic gold brocade tunic is heavily accented with an ancient pattern trim and... View details

  • Men's Vampire Costume
    $45.99 $39.95

    At A Glance:  Costume Details: Brocade vest, Neck scarf, Long Cape Wearing Suggestions:  Where to Wear: Halloween, Costume parties, Vampire Themed costume events.  ... View details

  • Prince Charming Adult Halloween Costume
    $145.99 $129.95

    At A Glance: This Prince Charming is styled to look like a military dress uniform and it's perfect for Halloween or any fairytale themed costume party. Costume Details: The Prince Charming Elite Collection... View details

  • Renaissance King Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This costume offers a fantastic medieval ensemble equally perfect for the Renaissance fair, the stage, or Halloween parties. Costume Details: This Renaissance king costume features a tunic... View details

  • Roman Centurion Costume Adult. - new

    At A Glance: This Roman Centurion Costume is the perfect outfit for anyone looking to channel the regal warrior within yourself.  Costume Details: The costume features a red tunic with gold trims along the... View details

  • Roman Emperor Costume. -new

    At A Glance: This Roman Emperor Costume is for anyone who wants to display a distinctive class of ancient Romans.  Costume Details: The costume includes a long patterned tunic embroidered with... View details

  • Roman Soldier Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Roman Soldier Costume depicts a professional man in a fairly standardized outfit.  Costume Details: Mid-thigh white tunic edged with decorative gold trim and a faux leather tan cuirass with... View details

  • Roman Warrior Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: Defense Ancient Roman empire in this this roman warrior costume. Costume Details: Red tunic trimmed with gold antique braids reaches the knees in this roman warrior costume. Woven with a raised gold... View details

  • Spanish Man Deluxe Costume. -new

    At A Glance: This Spanish Man Deluxe Costume will transform you into an elegant Spanish matador.  Costume Details: Short velvet bolero jacket accented with textured gold braids, matching velvet pants, and thin... View details

  • Union Soldier Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Union Soldier Costume Deluxe is a theatrical quality costume to depict a Civil War soldier.  Costume Details: Traditionally navy-colored gabardine jacket is accented with a yellow trim and... View details

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