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Deluxe Costumes

The Deluxe Costumes category has a great selection of costumes available. Whether you want to be the Belle of the Ball, wear the glass slipper or dress up in your favorite era, there are plenty of options available.

Most of these costumes have all the accessories needed to wear the costume. You'd only need to add stockings and shoes to complete the looks. If the costume calls for a hoop skirt, it will have it. The Elite Princess Costume have the hoop skirt and the boning in the bodice to give it the right shape. These dresses are very popular among Disney fans.

Other themes in this category include Pharaohs Treasure, Renaissance Princess, Flapper Girl and even Victorian Lady! Our costumes are made to please, no matter who wears them.

Whether you plan to wear the costume at a Halloween party, a costume party during the "off-season", or even a Renaissance Festival, these costumes are a great choice. These deluxe costumes are a great way to show off your fun side. Enter yourself into a costume contest and you just may win!

Deluxe Costumes for Women

Wearing one of our Deluxe Costumes to your next costume party will be sure to grab everyone's attention. These costumes come with everything needed to complete the look.

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  • Anne Boleyn Costume Dress. - new

    At A Glance: Wear this beautiful full length Renaissance gown and create a look reminiscent of the style of Anne Boleyn.  Costume Details: This is one piece gown. The  outer part is a brown poly satin... View details

  • Black Angel Corset Costume. -new

    At A Glance:  Create a midnight angel look in this a sexy costume at your costumed party. And what's the dark angels do? Costume Details: This is a four-piece set costume that features a full bust sequin... View details

  • Black Angel Corset Costume Plus Size. - new

    At A Glance:  Create a midnight angel look in this a sexy costume at your costumed party. And what's the dark angels do? Costume Details: This is a four-piece set costume that features a full bust sequin... View details

  • Black Medieval Cloak Hooded - Long Cape for Women. - new
    $140.00 $116.95

    At A Glance: This black hooded cloak is versatile and functional. It will create a variety of costumed images. Costume Details: A thick fabric tailored into a large circular cape with frontal slit openings for the arms. A... View details

  • Cinderella Deluxe Adult Costume. -new

    At A Glance: This Cinderella inspired Deluxe Adult Costume is stunning satin gown of a theatrical quality made to last.  Costume Details:  A fitted and lined bodice with a sweetheart neckline is accented... View details

  • Colonial Dress Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Colonial Dress Costume Deluxe is a theatrical quality costume that depicts 18th-century woman dress consisted of a gown and petticoat. Costume Details:  A tight fitted bodice with... View details

  • Colonial Man Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Colonial Man Costume Deluxe depict traditional outfit of colonial times gentleman.  Costume Details: Red brocade coat is adorned with gold braid trim and buttons. A tight-fitting velvet... View details

  • Confederate Soldier Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Confederate Soldier Costume Deluxe is a theatrical quality costume depicting Civil War soldier.  Costume Details: A traditionally gray-colored gabardine jacket is accented with a yellow trim and... View details

  • Dark Sorceress Womens Costume
    $149.99 $129.95

    At A Glance: You will look as if you just walked out of the Maleficent movie in this dark an enchanting floor length gown. Embrace your inner dark magic for the night. Costume Details: The top of this gown features a low... View details

  • Deluxe Belle Adult Costume. -new

    At A Glance: Deluxe Belle Adult Costume displays elegance and charm.  Costume Details: This bright yellow Belle dress features ruffled and pleated neckline and short sheer sleeves. A wide V-shaped belt... View details

  • Egyptian Pharaoh Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Egyptian Pharaoh Costume displays immensely powerful Egyptian religious and political leader.  Costume Details: Antique gold braids luxury embellish emerald-green circular collar, armbands,... View details

  • Egyptian Queen Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Egyptian Queen Costume Deluxe depicts a powerful female ruler with all the luxuries of an ancient time.   Costume Details: Antique braids laboriously embellish a circular neck collar,... View details

  • Esmeralda Gypsy Costume for Women. -new

    At A Glance: Esmeralda Gypsy Costume for Women is attractive and inviting to dance. Costume Details: This peasant type dress is styled with a lace trimmed and ruffled cotton bodice and built-in petticoat with... View details

  • Fairy Godmother Adult Costume
    $219.99 $199.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself with enough magical power to make everyone’s wishes come true. This costume just has the added bonus of making you look like a sexy fairy godmother instead. Costume Details: This... View details

  • Gangster Halloween Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This Gangster Halloween Costume is to depict influential man that dominated the city during the gangster period.  Costume Details: Costume includes white gabardine double-breasted jacket and matching... View details

  • Ghost Lady Adult Deluxe Costume
    $238.99 $219.95

    At A Glance: Picture yourself as a sexy apparition. But, not just any apparition – an apparition who looks like royalty. Costume Details: This magnificent and enchanting ghost lady costume features all white... View details

  • King Henry VIII Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance: This costume of King Henry VIII depicts a legendary ruler of England. Costume Details: A blue velvet shirt embellished with decorative trim and faux rhinestones, a short and ornamental mantle trimmed... View details

  • King Neptune Cosutme Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This King Neptune Costume Deluxe depicts a god of a fresh water and the sea according to Roman mythology.  Costume Details: Green trim with gold leaves pattern accents sleeves, neckline, and a... View details

  • Lace Southern Belle Dress. - new

    At A Glance: This Lace Southern Belle Dress is beautiful, charming, and stylish.  Costume Details: Broad ruffles surround feminine neckline cascading down to shoulders level and creating a flowing effect in... View details

  • Mardi Gras Costume for Men. - new

    At A Glance: This Mardi Gras Costume for Men is created with traditional meaningful colors purple, gold and green.  Costume Details: A thin gold vest with purple buttons is paired with black trousers. A... View details

  • Matador Costumen Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Matador Costume Deluxe is a hight quality Spanish bullfighter costume that depicts brave and skillful toreador.  Costume Details: A black velour bolero jacket is generously adorned with... View details

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