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Historical Costumes

There are so many options to choose from when you go with a historical costume. Whether it be Renaissance or the Roaring 20s. Whether you want to be a queen or a flapper, has it all.

Our Medieval costumes range from queens, to princesses to the Lady in Waiting. Medieval costumes are not only for Halloween but are a classic at any Renaissance fair. Our costumes come with everything you need to complete your costume. We also have all the accessories to help you achieve the look you want. From makeup to wigs, you can get everything you need.

Maybe you like TV shows like Game of Thrones? We have a Queen of Thrones costume that fits right into that era! Grab it fast its flying off the inventory list!

We have plenty of Roaring 20s or Flapper Girl costumes as well. Add accessories like feather boas, cigarette holders, pearls and stockings to pull the look together. Use a wig to accent your costume.

No matter what you choose, your costume is sure to be remembered. Your renaissance costume can be worn year after year, just change the accessories to make it feel new, and you're good to go.

Historical Costumes for Women

Historical costumes are always fun! Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or to a Renaissance Festival. Historical costumes can be fun and flirty too!

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  • Adams Family Uncle Fester Costume

    At Glance: Dress up in this mysterious and spooky Adams Family Uncle Fester Costume for your next costume event.  Costume Details: Long pull-over polyester robe with collar and large pleat down the... View details

  • Adult Gypsy Costume
    $82.00 $67.95

    At A Glance: Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed as a Gypsy woman.  Wearing Suggestions: A pair of gold high heels will really bring this costume together. Golden jewelry would also be a... View details

  • Adult Gypsy Plus Size Costume

    At A Glance: Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed as a curvaceous Gypsy woman.  Wearing Suggestions: A pair of gold high heels will really bring this costume together. Golden jewelry... View details

  • Adult King Costume

    At A Glance: Be a King and rule your kingdom in this Adult King Costume. Costume Details: This outfit includes a tunic with sleeves and gauntlets, cape with medallion, boot covers, crown, and belt! The tunic is a... View details

  • Adult Knight Costume
    $59.99 $54.95

    At A Glance:  Costume Details: This adult four-piece Knight costume includes a green tunic with attached hood, faux armor shoulders, faux chain mail sleeves, gold lion crest, belt, arm cuffs and pants. (Sword not... View details

  • Adult Male Robin Hood Costume

    At A Glance: Meet you Maid Marian during this Halloween in this Robin Hood costume for adults.  Costume Details: This costume features green velvet tunic has dagged faux suede hemline, velcro tab at... View details

  • Adult Women's Pirate Costume. - new

    At A Glance: This Adult Women's Pirate Costume is good costume idea if you want to be a buccaneer beauty.  Costume Details: The costume consist from mid-length dress, black trimmed lace-up... View details

  • Anne Boleyn Costume Dress. - new

    At A Glance: Wear this beautiful full length Renaissance gown and create a look reminiscent of the style of Anne Boleyn.  Costume Details: This is one piece gown. The  outer part is a brown poly satin... View details

  • Aphrodite Costume Adult

    At A Glance: The goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite got her birth from the sea foam. The sea goddess theme is influenced the style of this absolutely breathtaking Costume. Costume Details: This ancient Greek style... View details

  • Assassin Costume for Men

    At Glance: You'll look like a notorious assassin in this great Assassin Costume for Men!   Costume Details: This costume is a colonial style tails jacket with attached vest, shirt front and hood. Pants,... View details

  • Athena Greek Goddess Costume

    At Glance: Look just like a goddess in this lovely Athena Greek Goddess Costume! Costume Details: This costume includes a full-length white chiffon gown is trimmed with golden metallic thread and trims, a golden... View details

  • Atlantis Goddess Adult Plus Size Costume
    $50.00 $43.95

    At A Glance: Take your place as a captivating goddess from Atlantis in this alluring white and bright blue gown. While you are wearing this captivating dress, everyone will know you are in charge. Costume Details: This... View details

  • Beautiful Bandida Adult Costume

    At A Glance: Whoever said all of the best bandits were men, just hasn’t laid eyes on this sexy costume. Use it to channel your inner bad girl who has just been dying to get out. Costume Details: This is the perfect... View details

  • Black Hooded Robe Women's Costume

    At Glance: This robe dress is very versatile and sexy. Just add the right accessories and turn this robe into many different costumes ideas. Perfect for sexy witches or vampires!   Costume details: A plunging... View details

  • Black Huntress Adult Costume

    At A Glance: Lock in on your prey and capture it in this awesome Black Huntress Adult Costume. Costume Details: This plus size costume comes wiht a black dress with attached cuffs and printed emblem on bodice and... View details

  • Black Prophet of Darkness

    At Glance: This Black Prophet of Darkness is a perfect choice when you want to scare everyone at the party. Costume Details: Black velvet robe with silver trim and flocked design, black velvet hooded cowl... View details

  • Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask

    At A Glance: Are you ready to become seductively mysterious in this Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask? It is your chance to be the sexiest masked beauty at the ball! Costume Details: This costume includes... View details

  • Blossom Southern Belle Adult Costume
    $60.00 $54.95

    At A Glance: Picture yourself as a traditional Southern Belle in this breathtaking ball gown. The colors of this particular ball gown are perfect for a girly girl from down south. Costume Details: It takes a girl with a... View details

  • Blue Medieval Dress Costume

    At Glance: This Blue Medieval Dress Costume is a great outfit for a Medieval Festival! Costume Details: Long light blue lace-up front dress with separate sheer sleeves. Shoes and headband not included... View details

  • Brave Medieval Knight Adult Costume

    At A Glance: You'll be ready to join honorable knights' order with this Brave Medieval Knight Adult Costume.  Costume Details: This costume features a black & brown tunic, faux chain maille sleeves... View details

  • Caesar Costume for Men

    At A Glance: In our Caesar Costume for Men Want you'll look and feel like an emperor! Costume Details: This costume features a white robe and burgundy shoulder drape, vinyl belt, roman eperor style head... View details

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