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Historical Costumes for Women

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  • Venus Goddess Adult Costume

    At A Glance: The goddess of affection and beauty has a name and her name is Venus. Channel your inner Venus in this absolutely breathtaking costume. Costume Details: This breathtaking costume features a draping white gown... View details

  • Adult Gypsy Costume
    $82.00 $67.95

    At A Glance: Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed as a Gypsy woman.  Wearing Suggestions: A pair of gold high heels will really bring this costume together. Golden jewelry would also be a... View details

  • Adult Gypsy Plus Size Costume

    At A Glance: Go to your next Halloween party alone or with friends dressed as a curvaceous Gypsy woman.  Wearing Suggestions: A pair of gold high heels will really bring this costume together. Golden jewelry... View details

  • Adult Women's Pirate Costume. - new

    At A Glance: This Adult Women's Pirate Costume is good costume idea if you want to be a buccaneer beauty.  Costume Details: The costume consist from mid-length dress, black trimmed lace-up... View details

  • Anne Boleyn Costume Dress. - new

    At A Glance: Wear this beautiful full length Renaissance gown and create a look reminiscent of the style of Anne Boleyn.  Costume Details: This is one piece gown. The  outer part is a brown poly satin... View details

  • Aphrodite Costume Adult

    At A Glance: The goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite got her birth from the sea foam. The sea goddess theme is influenced the style of this absolutely breathtaking Costume. Costume Details: This ancient Greek style... View details

  • Athena Greek Goddess Costume

    At Glance: Look just like a goddess in this lovely Athena Greek Goddess Costume! Costume Details: This costume includes a full-length white chiffon gown is trimmed with golden metallic thread and trims, a golden... View details

  • Atlantis Goddess Adult Plus Size Costume
    $56.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Take your place as a captivating goddess from Atlantis in this alluring white and bright blue gown. While you are wearing this captivating dress, everyone will know you are in charge. Costume Details: This... View details

  • Beautiful Bandida Adult Costume

    At A Glance: Whoever said all of the best bandits were men, just hasn’t laid eyes on this sexy costume. Use it to channel your inner bad girl who has just been dying to get out. Costume Details: This is the perfect... View details

  • Black Hooded Cape 68 inch

    At Glance: Create a mystery look wearing this Black Hooded Cape.  Costume Details: 68 inch long poly-cotton cape with hood that has tie closure. Measures 47 inches from the shoulder down. The 68 inches... View details

  • Black Hooded Robe Women's Costume

    At Glance: This robe dress is very versatile and sexy. Just add the right accessories and turn this robe into many different costumes ideas. Perfect for sexy witches or vampires!   Costume details: A plunging... View details

  • Black Medieval Cloak Hooded - Long Cape for Women. - new
    $140.00 $116.95

    At A Glance: This black hooded cloak is versatile and functional. It will create a variety of costumed images. Costume Details: A thick fabric tailored into a large circular cape with frontal slit openings for the arms. A... View details

  • Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask

    At A Glance: Are you ready to become seductively mysterious in this Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask? It is your chance to be the sexiest masked beauty at the ball! Costume Details: This costume includes... View details

  • Blossom Southern Belle Adult Costume
    $66.99 $58.95

    At A Glance: Picture yourself as a traditional Southern Belle in this breathtaking ball gown. The colors of this particular ball gown are perfect for a girly girl from down south. Costume Details: It takes a girl with a... View details

  • Cleopatra Adult Costume
    $59.99 $54.95

    At A Glance: Power. Poise. Elegance. Channel your inner Cleopatra. Walk, talk, and feel like the Egyptian Goddess that you really are. Costume Details: You will really feel eternally beautiful as you flaunt what your... View details

  • Cleopatra Sexy Outfit (Adult). - new

    At Glance: Walk into your costume event like a princess from ancient Egypt and dazzle the Pharaohs in this stunning Cleopatra Sexy Outfit!  Costume details: Black dress comes with collar, belt, and arm... View details

  • Colonial Dress Costume Deluxe. -new

    At A Glance: This Colonial Dress Costume Deluxe is a theatrical quality costume that depicts 18th-century woman dress consisted of a gown and petticoat. Costume Details:  A tight fitted bodice with... View details

  • Colonial Woman Adult Costume
    $84.99 $74.95

    At A Glance: Halloween isn’t just about sexy and risqué costumes. Embrace your inner Lady in this very flattering colonial woman costume. Costume Details: This costume features a floor length black skirt... View details

  • Deluxe Adult Female Classic Toga Costume
    $35.99 $29.95

    At A Glance: Oh my goddess! Is just what all of the guys will be saying as you enter the room and flaunt your heavenly body in this Classic Toga Costume. Costume Details: This costume features a knee length white tunic with... View details

  • Egyptian Goddess Costume for women. Gold shimmer catsuit stripped cut-out dress with jewel collar and matching Egyptian headpiece.
    $66.99 $59.95

    At A Glance: Look charismatic and sexy in this Egyptian Goddess Costume! It features sheer black top and tights and an eye-catching black and gold crisscrossing detailing with cut-out at front and long sheer trains... View details

  • Egyptian Goddess Halloween Costume

    At A Glance: See yourself as a Egyptian Goddess walking in this halloween costume.  Costume Details: This women's cosutmes include a stretch velvety turquoise dress with a chiffon skirt and shoulder drapes, golden... View details

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