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Masquerade Costumes

A Masquerade Ball is something to look forward to. Whether you've been to one before or not. Masquerade Ball is fun for everyone, and often times the participants wear a mask to hide their identity. No matter if your Ball requires a mask or not, you can find the costume of your dreams here at

If your Ball has a theme, you can find a costume to match that theme. Whether its a Renaissance, Venetian, Mardi Gras, or Princess themed, you can find it all here, as well as all the accessories.

You can show up to your Masquerade Ball in a large, full princess gown, or in a modest Renaissance attire. Our deluxe masquerade dresses are complete gowns, with a full hoop skirt underneath. They pair well with gloves, and a mask.

Our costumes are perfect for whatever occasion you need them for. Whether you need a dress for a Masquerade Ball, or a costume for Halloween party. We have everything you need. If you need any accessories to go with your look, such as heels, hosiery, wigs, masks or makeup - has it all.

Be the Belle of your next Masquerade Ball with Masquerade Express.

Masquerade Costumes for Women

Show up at the Masquerade Ball with an elegent costume from Whether you choose to get a deluxe costume and go all out with a face mask to hide your identity or not, we have everything you need for the ball.

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  • Gothic Queen Costume

    At Glance: This is a perfect goth style ballgown for any Darkness and Evil celebrations! Costume Details: This is a full-length black and white dress with glitter printed organza overlay with... View details

  • Gothic Hooded Dress Costume

    At Glance: This is a beautiful goth style dress perfect for witches, vampires and even a sexy red riding hood. Costume Details: This is a full length, red lace front black hooded dress with velvet and red... View details

  • Black Gothic Women's Costume

    At Glance: This is a beautiful dress for a sexy, slightly gothic woman who wants to look both moody and breathtaking at the same time. Costume Details: Gothic-inspired dress with Jacard printed satin skull design,... View details

  • Gold Cleopatra Costume. - sale
    $123.00 $101.95

    At A Glance: You'll get a lot of attention in this gorgeous Gold Cleopatra Costume! Costume Details: This exquisite costume includes a sequin gown with gold pleated satin skirt and Egyptian designed... View details

  • Once Upon A Time Zelena Costume. - new

    At A Glance: You can transform into the wicked and envious Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West from the hit show Once Upon A Time!  Costume Details: The dramatic costume includes the black... View details

  • Once Upon A Time Snow White Costume. -new

    At A Glance: You can dress up as your beloved Once Upon A Time character with this Snow White costume. She is one stylish fairy tale character! Costume Details: The costume includes elegant white... View details

  • Women's Peacock Queen Costume

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself in one of the most elegantly striking peacock costumes ever made! The Women's Peacock Queen Costume is elegant and regal and you'll be a center of attention at any costume party. Costume... View details

  • Gothic Princess Costume

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a gothic dark beauty of the underworld. This Gothic Princess Costume is the great outfit to disguise yourself as a vampire, witch, sorceress or any  dark creature of the... View details

  • Adult Cinderella Movie Full Gown Costume

    At A Glance: You will be the belle of the ball in this Cinderella Costume from the fabulous Disney Cinderella movie! Costume Details: This costume features a magical blue full length gown with... View details

  • Adult Cinderella Movie Long Dress Costume

    At A Glance: You will be the belle of the ball in this Cinderella Costume from the fabulous Disney Cinderella movie! Costume Details: This costume features a magical blue gown with a slim... View details

  • Adult Cinderella Movie Dress Costume

    At A Glance: Be the prettiest girl at the bal in this Cinderella Costume from the fabulous new Disney Cinderella movie! Costume Details: This costume features a magical mid-lenght blue dress with a slim... View details

  • Renaissance Nymph Costume Plus Size

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a magical nymph from Neverland. With a little bit of fairy dust to toss around, everyone would believe you had magical powers in this enchanting Renaissance Nymph Adult Costume. This costume... View details

  • Renaissance Princess Costume

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself sitting in the viewing booth in this Renaissance Princess Costume as knights participate in a jousting competition in order to win your heart.  Costume Details: This costume... View details

  • Medieval Lady Costume

    At A Glance: Do you feel more comfortable wearing classy costumes? Medieval Lady Costume is the perfect pick for a lady who likes elegance.  Costume Details: This elegant middle ages style costume features a... View details

  • Black Flapper Fringe Dress

    At Glance: Just picture yourself going back in time in this Black Flapper Fringe Dress Costume to enjoy the height of fashion during the 1920's! Costume details: This costume consists from a black... View details

  • Spider Witch Costume

    At A Glance: Are you planning to spin a wicked web around your bewitched victims? The Spider Witch Costume is your best choice to get it started! Costume Details: This gothic style costume is... View details

  • Sexy Medieval Maiden Dress

    At Glance: The Sexy Medieval Maiden Dress is a short sexy version of a classic medieval maiden and it is the perfect choice if you want to show off your legs.  Costume Details: This costume is... View details

  • Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume

    At A Glance: You're beautiful and you don't need a fancy dress to stand out in the crowd! The Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume is your very good choice for the next costume event.  Costume Details: This... View details

  • Womens Peacock Costume

    At A Glance: You'll look absolutely fabulous in this deluxe sultry Women's Peacock Costume! Costume Details: This costume features a flirty mini dress with corset-styled bodice and multilayered skirt. It... View details

  • Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask

    At A Glance: Are you ready to become seductively mysterious in this Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask? It is your chance to be the sexiest masked beauty at the ball! Costume Details: This costume includes... View details

  • Vampire Hooded Cape

    At Glance: Do you want to disguise yourself as a vampire? Then you will need this ultimate Vampire Hooded Cape (cloak). Costume Details: Black cape with blood red tie dye colored bottom, tie closure and... View details

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