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Pirate Costumes for Women

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  • Adult Women's Pirate Costume. - new

    At A Glance: This Adult Women's Pirate Costume is good costume idea if you want to be a buccaneer beauty.  Costume Details: The costume consist from mid-length dress, black trimmed lace-up... View details

  • Black Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women
    $66.99 $59.95

    At A Glance: Cruise your costume party ship in this sexy Black Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women. Costume Details: This costume features a black long sleeved velvet jacket lavishly embroidered at front with a... View details

  • Black Sexy Female Pirate Costume
    $44.99 $39.95

    At A Glance: Transform yourself into the legendary pirate captain wearing this Black Sexy Female Pirate Costume at your costume party.   Costume Details: The three-piece, Sexy Black Pirate outfit... View details

  • Buccaneer Pirate Beauty Costume

    At A Glance: You'll be ready to protect your treasure in this Buccaneer Pirate Beauty Costume! Costume Details: This costume features a mid-lenght burgundy & black dress with velvet accents, two crinkle... View details

  • Buccaneer Pirate Costume for Women
    $45.99 $39.95

    At A Glance: If you are adventurous, imagine boarding a ship and raiding in the Caribbean Sea in this Buccaneer Pirate Costume.  Costume Details: The two-piece, Buccaneer Pirate Costume for Women features a... View details

  • Burgundy Curvy Women's Pirate Halloween Costume
    $37.99 $34.95

    At A Glance: Feel confident and comfortable in this one-piece pirate dress that gives the illusion of a burgundy skirt and white top. It is made for full-figured women and will help you to show your best parts and... View details

  • Curvy Lady Pirate Costume

    At A Glance: Show off your pirate booty in this Curvy Lady Pirate Costume. The costume is made for full-figured women.  Costume Details: Costume comes with jacket style dress with attached lace... View details

  • Curvy Pirate Wench Costume
    $55.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Show a fiery attitude around bars and taverns in this voluptuous Curvy Pirate Wench Costume.  Costume Details: The plus size Curvy Pirate Wench Costume features a peasant style top with front... View details

  • Deluxe Pirate Costume for Women

    At A Glance: Are you ready for adventure? Then imagine yourself wearing this Deluxe Pirate Costume and joining a pirate crew. The sexy blouse with off the shoulder neckline guaranteed you a special... View details

  • Ghost Pirate Costume for Women
    $45.99 $39.95

    At A Glance: Pursue everyone at your costume party in this haunted Ghost Pirate Costume for Women.   Costume Details: The costume features a gray-toned dress with tattered off-the-shoulder sleeves. A... View details

  • Medieval Adult (Plus) Blouse
    $39.99 $34.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself traveling back in time to the Medieval Era where things were a great deal simpler than they are now. Costume Details: This medieval peasant top was designed to perfectly flatter every inch of... View details

  • Pink Pirate Costume

    At A Glance: Disgues yourself as a Pink Pirate, have fun and bring awareness about Breast Cancer by wearing pink.  Costume Details: This costume features a sexy mini black dress with... View details

  • Pink Pirate Costume Plus Size

    At A Glance: Disgues yourself as a Pink Pirate, have fun and bring awareness about Breast Cancer by wearing pink. The costume is designed for full-figured women.  Costume Details: This... View details

  • Pirate Costume for Full-Figured Women
    $69.99 $64.95

    At A Glance: Navigate your costume party and show off your curves in this awesome Pirate Costume for full-figured women.  Costume Details: This outfit includes a white peasant style shirt with... View details

  • Pirate Female Costume
    $56.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Create the most prized and enchanting look wearing this Pirate Female Costume for your next Halloween or Pirate themed party. Costume Details: The three-piece outfit features a long peasant style... View details

  • Pirate Halloween Costume for Women
    $46.99 $39.95

    At A Glance: This Pirate Halloween Costume for Women is a little bit flirty. When you wear this costume you will not stick out like one who is trying to attract attention, while still attracting attention... View details

  • Pirate Lady Costume
    $55.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Look marvelous wearing this Pirate Lady Costume and become a pirate legend at your costume party. Costume Details: The costume features a black coat styled dress with long ruffled sleeves. A... View details

  • Pirate Princess Costume
    $76.99 $69.95

    At A Glance: Get ready for an adventure in high seas in this Pirate Princess Costume. Costume Details: The two-piece, Pirate Princess Costume features burgundy dress designed with a high-low skirt and flowing... View details

  • Pirate Vixen Adult Coat
    $72.99 $64.95

    At A Glance: Take yourself back to a time of adventure on the high seas on a pirate ship. Pour yourself a mug of grog and party with ye best mates. Costume Details: This sexy women's gothic coat is a must have for... View details

  • Pirate Vixen Costume

    At Glance: You'll conquer anything you want in this Pirate Vixen Costume!  Costume Details: This sexy costume includes brown trench coat, dress with red and black vertical-stripe skirt, and matching... View details

  • Pirate Wench Adult Costume
    $38.99 $34.95

    At A Glance: Are you ready for treasures hunting during the next Halloween party? Any pirate would love to have this Pirate Wench by his side for the adventures journey. Costume Details: The costume... View details

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