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Renaissance & Medieval Costumes

Whether you want to go to the Renaissance Festival, putting on a play locally, or want to dress up in the Medieval theme for Halloween, the Renaissance and Medieval costumes here at are an excellent choice. We have everything from Queens, Princesses, Baroness and even Maid Marian costumes.

If you're waiting for your very own Robin Hood then check out our Maid Marian costumes. Your partner can dress up as Robin Hood (or one of his Merrie Men). Maid Marian is a strong female lead in many of the stories told of her throughout the centuries.

If you're a fan of the popular Game of Thrones TV show, you'd love the Queen of Thrones costume we have. This costume fits in with the popular show. You'd stand out at a costume party, or at a Renaissance festival. Masquerade Express also have more traditional looking costumes from this time period. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to find it here.

You can also get all the accessories you need from You can also find the Renaissance Chemise to go under your Medieval costume, but never wear it alone, a lady would never, at least not in public.

Renaissance & Medieval Costumes

Be the Maid Marian, Lady in Waiting or Queen of Thrones that you want to be. Whatever look you're going for in the Medieval or Renaissance Festival theme, we have it here at

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  • Black Hooded Cape Costume for Men. - new
    $55.99 $49.95

    At A Glance:  Costume Details:  Wearing Suggestions: Black Plague Doctor Mask Where to Wear: Halloween, Samhain Festival, Vampire or Renaissance Themed parties, Medieval Fair... View details

  • Women's Luxurious Medieval Dress Costume - dark purple floor-length gown, gold ribbon lacing on bodice, long hanging sleeves
    $58.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself as an elegant woman from the Renaissance Era. In this dress, people will question whether or not you have traveled here from the past. Costume Details: The dress is long with lengthy bell... View details

  • Renaissance Queen Costume Deluxe. - new

    At A Glance:  This Renaissance Queen costume works well for theatrical productions and the Renaissance fair. Costume Details:  The beautiful costume features a red dress with black and silver panels at... View details

  • Black Medieval Cloak Hooded - Long Cape for Women. - new
    $140.00 $116.95

    At A Glance: This black hooded cloak is versatile and functional. It will create a variety of costumed images. Costume Details: A thick fabric tailored into a large circular cape with frontal slit openings for the arms. A... View details

  • Red and Black Deluxe Hooded Robe
    $45.99 $39.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself in this sexy gown featuring two of the traditional Halloween colors. What really draws people to this costume is the fact that it makes you look like you just walked out of a more mature version... View details

  • Mysterious Hooded Gothic Dress
    $34.99 $29.95

    At A Glance: Make people wonder what you have to hide with this mysterious hooded gothic dress. You’ll look as if you just flew in on a broom and people will wonder what you are up to. Costume Details: A sexy... View details

  • Red and Black Deluxe Hooded Plus Size Robe
    $55.99 $33.23

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself in this sexy gown that good for curves, featuring two of the traditional Halloween colors. What really draws people to this costume is the fact that it makes you look like you just walked out of... View details

  • Medieval Adult (Plus) Blouse
    $39.99 $34.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself traveling back in time to the Medieval Era where things were a great deal simpler than they are now. Costume Details: This medieval peasant top was designed to perfectly flatter every inch of... View details

  • Lady in Waiting costume for women - renaissance-style purple dress, olive green underskirt, square neckline, painted gold latex crown
    $62.99 $54.95

    At A Glance: Picture yourself as a woman who attends, or cares for, a queen or princess. She is more so a companion, rather than servant. This woman is often a noblewoman, and thus should appear as so. Costume Details: This... View details

  • Gothic Hooded Dress Costume

    At Glance: This is a beautiful goth style dress perfect for witches, vampires and even a sexy red riding hood. Costume Details: This is a full length, red lace front black hooded dress with velvet and red... View details

  • Huntress Adult Costume (Plus Size)

    At A Glance: Lock in on your prey and capture it in this awesome Huntress Adult Costume. This costume is designed for full-figured women.  Costume Details: This plus size costume comes wiht a black dress... View details

  • Red Huntress Adult Costume

    At A Glance: You'll capture your prey willingly by wearing this awesome Red Huntress Adult Costume.  Costume Details: This female huntress costume comes wiht a red dress with attached cuffs and printed... View details

  • Robin Hood Women's Costume

    At A Glance: You'll be ready to defend your honor if needed in this Robin Hood Women's Costume.  Costume Details: This classic female costume features a cream off-the-shoulder dress with green brocade... View details

  • Renaissance Nymph Costume Plus Size

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a magical nymph from Neverland. With a little bit of fairy dust to toss around, everyone would believe you had magical powers in this enchanting Renaissance Nymph Adult Costume. This costume... View details

  • Renaissance Princess Costume

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself sitting in the viewing booth in this Renaissance Princess Costume as knights participate in a jousting competition in order to win your heart.  Costume Details: This costume... View details

  • Medieval Lady Costume

    At A Glance: Do you feel more comfortable wearing classy costumes? Medieval Lady Costume is the perfect pick for a lady who likes elegance.  Costume Details: This elegant middle ages style costume features a... View details

  • Spider Witch Costume

    At A Glance: Are you planning to spin a wicked web around your bewitched victims? The Spider Witch Costume is your best choice to get it started! Costume Details: This gothic style costume is... View details

  • Sexy Medieval Maiden Dress

    At Glance: The Sexy Medieval Maiden Dress is a short sexy version of a classic medieval maiden and it is the perfect choice if you want to show off your legs.  Costume Details: This costume is... View details

  • Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume

    At A Glance: You're beautiful and you don't need a fancy dress to stand out in the crowd! The Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume is your very good choice for the next costume event.  Costume Details: This... View details

  • Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask

    At A Glance: Are you ready to become seductively mysterious in this Black Sexy Costume with Masquerade Mask? It is your chance to be the sexiest masked beauty at the ball! Costume Details: This costume includes... View details

  • Female Musketeer Costume

    At A Glance: Ever wanted to be a musketeer? Take you chance with this Female Musketeer Costume and you'll see if the serving in the Royal Palace is your destiny.  Costume Details: This costume includes a blue... View details

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