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Samhain Festival Costumes

It is the time when the Celts would finish up their harvesting and move their animals into the closure to home pastures. The Celts also believed that this was the time of year that the dead mingled with the living. The veil between their otherworld and our world became thinner and it allowed not only good spirits through, but evil ones as well. This was also the time that their family members that had deceased during the last year would cross over into the otherworld.

To aid their loved ones to their new destination, they would build bonfires and honor them with a large feast. During this feast, the living would dress up in costumes made of animal heads and skins as a way of hiding from the evil spirits that could be lurking about.

Samhain is still celebrated today in a similar fashion to the way it was intended to be celebrated. Many people have bonfires and large feasts. They continue to dress up, however, in more modern costumes such as Greek Goddess or Roman Empress, Witch Robe, or accessorizing with a beautiful cape and dance around the fire, celebrating the end of summer, welcoming in the “new year”, and honoring their loved ones that have passed on.

Samhain Festival Costumes for Women

Samhain, pronounce sah-win, is the time of year when the summer ends and the darker winter days begin. Traditionally celebrated by the Celtic people, Samhain begins at sunset on October 31st and continues through sunset on November 1st.

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