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Storybook Character Costumes for Women

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  • Adult Alice in Wonderland Costume. Classic blue and white apron dress with tulle skirt overlay, black bow headband and oversized white back bow.
    $49.99 $45.95

    At A Glance: Look marvelous in this three-piece Adult Alice in Wonderland Costume. It features a knee-length blue mini dress with mesh overlay, blue mesh puff sleeves, attached white apron with ruffle trim, black satin bow... View details

  • Adult Cinderella Costume. Light blue long satin princess ball gown with glitter tulle accents, satin choker, and matching headband.
    $65.99 $59.95

    At A Glance: No need to worry if you stay out past midnight in this charming Adult Cinderella Costume! The costume features a long, blue satin ballgown with short tulle peplum overlay, silver trim, sweetheart neckline, puff... View details

  • Adult Cinderella Costume - Plus Size
    $72.99 $64.95

    At A Glance: Enjoy the evening and stay out past midnight in this enchanting Plus Size Adult Cinderella Costume! It designed specifically for a woman with a voluptuous body. Costume Details:  The classic... View details

  • Adult Dorothy Costume from Wizard of Oz. Light blue knee length gingham dress with red satin bow accents and matching ribbon trimmed white apron.
    $54.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: You will show no fear when you slap cowardly lion n this two-piece Adult Dorothy Costume. It features a blue and white gingham print dress with sheer white sleeves, red satin bows, red ribbon trim and white... View details

  • Adult Fairy Costume for women. Green satin and organza layered dress, waist sash with flower applique accent, and matching hair clip.
    $86.99 $79.95

    At A Glance: Picture yourself as one of the sweet and playful fairies flying through the woods. This woodland fairy costume allows you to channel your inner fairy. Costume Details: The generous bust at the top of... View details

  • Adult Little Red Riding Hood Costume
    $56.99 $49.95

    At A Glance:  Transform yourself in the famous fairy tale character wearing this classic Adult Little Red Riding Hood Costume.  Costume Details: This outfit features a red sleeveless dress with peasant style... View details

  • Adult Tinker Bell Costume
    $69.99 $64.95

    At A Glance: You know that everyone loves Tink. Then why not be one of the most famous fairies of all time on your next costume event and bring a touch of magic to your friends? Costume Details: The... View details

  • Adult Tinkerbell Costume. Woodland green petal dress with Lurex lace skirt overlay and gold Lurex wings.
    $54.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Create Neverland fairytale look in this quite sexy two-piece Adult Tinker Bell Costume! It features a green woodland petal dress with gold detailing, dark green tulle overlay and sheer fairy wings with gold trim... View details

  • Adult Ursula Costume Plus Size
    $59.99 $54.95

    At A Glance: Are you blessed with curvy body, want to be a witch on your next costume party, but also want to look good? Consider Adult Ursula Costume Plus Size for this occasion. Ursula's signature black... View details

  • Adult Ursula Sea Witch Costume
    $56.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Do you want to be a witch on your next costume party, but also want to look good? Consider Adult Ursula Sea Witch Costume for this occasion. Ursula's signature black and purple look will give... View details

  • Alice Adult Plus Size Costume
    $72.99 $64.95

    At A Glance: Fall down the magical rabbit hole with your very own adult size Alice costume. Don’t be too surprised if you start seeing a white rabbit! Costume Details: This costume comes complete with a shiny... View details

  • Alice In Wonderland Bunny Costume Plus Size. Red short peplum dress with clock and glitter heart accents, white wrist cuffs, ruffle neck piece, white pin on a tail, and bunny ear headband.
    $59.99 $54.95

    At A Glance: Alice will follow you down the rabbit hole into Wonderland when you are wearing this five-piece Alice In Wonderland Bunny Costume Plus Size! It features a red body shaper dress with heart buttons, attached... View details

  • Alice in Wonderland Dress for Women
    $55.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Enjoy the adventure to a magical world in this Alice in Wonderland Dress for Women. Costume Details: The Alice in Wonderland Costume features a pale blue dress with sweetheart neckline and puffed sleeves... View details

  • Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume for women. Light blue striped dress with lace trimmed pannier skirt, white top, faux leather buckle strap accents, black detachable back bow, and light blue bow headband.
    $49.99 $45.95

    At A Glance: If you fall through a rabbit hole wearing this three-piece Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume, you will have a great adventure.  The costume features a blue flared, striped mini dress, peasant top,... View details

  • Alice in Wonderland Inspired Dress
    $59.99 $54.95

    At A Glance: Travel to Wonderland at your next costume party in this Alice Inspired Dress that designed for the curvy body. Costume Details: This outfit features a blue dress with peasant style bodice that has... View details

  • Alice in Wonderland Sexy White Rabbit Costume
    $49.99 $45.99

    At A Glance: Celebrate every minute and be a queen of punctuality in this Alice in Wonderland Sexy White Rabbit Costume. Costume Details: The Alice in Wonderland Sexy White Rabbit Costume features a red mini dress... View details

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass - White Queen Deluxe Adult Costume
    $65.99 $59.95

    At A Glance: Get the the look of royalty for this Halloween. Wear White Queen Deluxe Adult Costume from Alice Through the Looking Glass movie and you will feel and look like a queen.  Costume... View details

  • Arabian Princess Costume
    $36.99 $29.95

    At A Glance: Imagine yourself as an Arabian Princess or Belle Dancer from Arabian Nights. This costume is a perfect for any arabian theme. Costume Details: This costume includes a purple veil, matching tube... View details

  • Bizarre Alice Adult Costume for women. Asymmetrical light blue high-low apron dress with layered skirt and lace-up waist, blue and black collar choker, and oversized bow headband.
    $54.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Look for adventure in this mind-blowing three-piece Bizarre Alice Adult Costume. It includes a pale blue, asymmetrical mini dress with a high/low hemline, attached apron, layered skirt, checkered trim,... View details

  • Black Adult Mermaid Costume
    $89.99 $79.95

    At A Glance: Be a dark sea creature and prepare to stand out from the crowd wearing this new style Black Adult Mermaid Costume. Costume Details: The costume features a long black dress created from scale pattern... View details

  • Black Magic Mistress
    $54.99 $49.95

    At A Glance: Show your strong female lead character in this plus size Black Magic Mistress costume! It features a black high/low mini dress with a shimmering black mesh overlay, attached black belt and black witch hat... View details

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