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Witch Costumes

Gothic and witch costumes are an American Tradition during Halloween but can be worn anytime of the year. Not only are the popular costumes, but they are also classic stories to teach morals and lessons. They are almost always the antagonist, and in many cases they are an evil witch.

Be your favorite evil witch, such as the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. You can also play the role of Regina, the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time.

Be a sorceress, an elegant witch, or even a good witch. No matter what you choose, you can find the costume and all coordinating accessories here on

Gothic costumes are fun too. Almost anything can be turned into a gothic costume. Turn a heavenly angel into a gothic angel with the addition of some black and a splash of Victorian.

From makeup to wigs, you can get everything you need. Find all the accessories you may need to complete the look on

Gothic & Witches Costumes for Women

Gothic and Witch costumes are always a popular choice around Halloween. They embody the magic that Halloween represents to a lot of people. Have fun at your next Halloween costume party in one of our Gothic or Witch costumes.

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  • Pretty Gothic Witch Costume. - new

      At A Glance: Your spells will receive a favor from the stars above when you cast them in this Pretty Gothic Witch Costume. Costume Details: The costume features a black and burgundy velvet mini dress... View details

    • Midnight Witch Adult Costume. - new

        At A Glance: You'll get a perfect reason to practice some of your witchy spells with this Midnight Witch Adult Costume.  Costume Details:  This costume includes mid-lenght dark blue dress, brooch and hat... View details

      • Wizard of Oz Sexy Wicked Witch

          At A Glance: You'll have everyone under your spell in this seductive Wizard of Oz Sexy Wicked Witch Costume! Costume Details: This sexy and simple costume comes with a black mini dress, green cape and black hat. Shoes... View details

        • Sexy Glinda The Good Witch Costume

            At A Glance: Finally the Good Witch costume that you will love! With this Sexy Glinda Costume you can make secret wishes come true.  Costume Details: This very sexy costumes features a pink satin mini dress... View details

          • Elvira Plus Size Costume

              At A Glance: Be the hit of the party with our Elvira, Mistress of the Dark costume! It designed for fuill-figured women.  Costume Details: This costume features a a long dress with thigh-high side... View details

            • Voo Doo Priestess Costume

                At A Glance: Stand out from the crowd of withches at the party in this unique Voo Doo Priestess Costume! Costume Details: This costume includes a black ultra suede dress with underwire foam cups and high-low... View details

              • Women's Witch Halloween Costume

                  At A Glance: You could create many sexy looks to adore with this Women's Witch Halloween Costume. Costume Details: This costume comes with a black microfiber versatile dress with long halter ties that... View details

                • Reversible Witch Costume - White Outfit

                    At A Glance: Choose which witch you want to be with this Reversible White/Black Witch Costume. This is two costumes in one outfit.  Costume Details: This unique outfit includes a fully reversible White Witch/Black... View details

                  • Witch Mini Dress Costume

                      At A Glance: Witch Mini Dress Costume is simple, sexy and affordable.  Costume Details: This sexy version of classic witch costume consits of a black bell sleeved mini dress with lace up side and hat with... View details

                    • Playboy Sexy Witch Costume
                        $29.00 $24.95

                        At A Glance: No one can withstand your magical spells when you're wearing this Playboy Sexy Witch Costume! Costume Details: This costume features a sparkle black velvet skirt and matching velvet and mesh shrug style... View details

                      • Dark Sorceress Costume

                          At Glance: You know that you're beautiful and can get what you want even without casting spells. Wearing this Dark Sorceress Costume will increase your magical power and you will be able to bewitch everyone! Costume... View details

                        • Classic Witch Costume

                            At A Glance: Classy is always trandy! You'll look as a classic witch from fairytales in this costume.  Costume Details: This costume consists of a full-length black gown, tulle petticoat, black hat... View details

                          • Women's Witch Costume

                              At A Glance: You'll most elegant and sexy looking sorceress at the party in this Women's Witch Costume!  Costume Details: This elegant costume features a sassy long black v-cut dress with a... View details

                            • Adult Witch Costume

                                At A Glance: You will be the most elegant looking witch at the party in this Adult Witch Costume! Costume Details: This witch costume consits from a black long dress with drop sleeves, a graceful spiderweb... View details

                              • Cute Witch Costume

                                  At A Glance: You will be the prettiest witch at the party in this special Cute Witch Costume! Costume Details: This witch costume consits from a halter top with an attached corset, a skirt with multiple sheer... View details

                                • Gothic Hooded Dress Costume

                                    At Glance: This is a beautiful goth style dress perfect for witches, vampires and even a sexy red riding hood. Costume Details: This is a full length, red lace front black hooded dress with velvet and red... View details

                                  • Women's Wicked Witch Of The West Costume

                                      At A Glance: You'll not be afraid of water and the dark in this Wicked Witch Of The West Costume.  Costume Details: This witch costume includes a black long dress with attached green cape and black... View details

                                    • Sexy Witch Outfit

                                        At A Glance: You'll look great in this an elegant Sexy Witch Outfit with a classic flair! Costume Details: This flirty witch costume includes a black gown with a high-low hemline, a matching capelet and... View details

                                      • Cute Wicked Witch Costume

                                          At A Glance: Are you ready to look cute and bad at the same time? Goth style and green color costume is a perfect choice for a wicked witch. Costume Details: This cute costume consists from a perfectly gothy mini... View details

                                        • Gothic Princess Costume

                                            At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a gothic dark beauty of the underworld. This Gothic Princess Costume is the great outfit to disguise yourself as a vampire, witch, sorceress or any  dark creature of the... View details

                                          • Wicked Witch Costume (Adult)

                                              At A Glance: Just picture yourslef casting spells in this Wicked Witch Costume. You'll be able to bewitch everyone! Costume Details: This costume consists from a velvety black dress with puff sleeves and... View details

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