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Burlesque & Dancers Costumes

Do you love movies that showcase old Burlesque and Can-Can dancers? Do you know that the Can-Can first appeared in Paris? Do you love how provocative the actual dance is? Then look no further.

At we have Burlesque Dancer and Can-Can Girl costumes for your next burlesque themed party. This scandalous dance became popular in the working class ballrooms in Paris in the 1830's. The costume is originally worn with black stockings which were considered taboo for that era as women were taught to be modest and show little undergarments. The dance was considered seductive and manipulating as the skirt made suggestive movements around the legs. Put on a show with our Burlesque and Can-Can costumes at your next Halloween or costume party.

Choose from costumes featuring accent colors in pink, red or purple.

Don't forget to check out our accessories. Whether it's a mask, shoes, gloves, makeup or hosiery, we carry it all to help you complete your look. Think of the next time you're looking for a dress, corset, bustle skirt, or accessories.

Show off your fun and sexy side as a Burlesque dancer. Make sure to kick your legs high, and show off your skills!

Burlesque, Can-Can & Showgirls Costumes for Women

Burlesque and Can-Can girls are pretty sexy... Do you have what it takes to pull off one of these costumes? Don't look any further than right here. With something to please everyone, you're sure to find the best selection here.

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  • Peacock Princess Costume

      At A Glance: You'll get a sexy and roayl look with the Peacock Princess Costume! Costume Details: This sexy 3 piece costume set features a fully boned satin and microfiber corset dress with genuine... View details

    • Sexy Flamenco Dress Costume

        At Glance: You'll look very hot in this Flamenco Dress Costume made in the tradition of the Spanish Flamenco dancer. Costume Details: This costume includes a low cut off-the-shoulder dress, elbow length gloves and... View details

      • Curvy Burlesque Babe Costume

          At A Glance: This Curvy Burlesque Babe Costume is sure to keep everyone’s eyes focused on you. The costume designed for full-figured women.  Costume Details: This costume features a dramatic... View details

        • Womens Peacock Costume

            At A Glance: You'll look absolutely fabulous in this deluxe sultry Women's Peacock Costume! Costume Details: This costume features a flirty mini dress with corset-styled bodice and multilayered skirt. It... View details

          • Sexy Burlesque Costume. - new

              At a Glance: Be a star of your own cabare show in this Sexy Burlesque Costume. Costume Details: Fringed corset with sequin trim and hook & eye front closure with adjustable back. Includes sequin burlesque... View details

            • Burlesque Halloween Costume

                At A Glance: Imagine yourself dancing in this Burlesque Halloween Costume and be admired by every man. Costume Details: This dancer costume consists from corset-style dress, lace boy shorts, fingerless lace... View details

              • Wild West Saloon Girl Costume (Plus Size)

                  At A Glance: This Wild West Saloon Girl Costume (Plus Size) is sure to keep everyone’s eyes focused on you. Costume Details: This costume is perfect for a gal who is interested in flaunting the sexier side... View details

                • Can-Can Dancer Adult Costume. -sale
                    $56.00 $49.95

                    At Glance: Show up at your costume event in this cute Can-Can Dancer ensemble and prove you can dance kicks and splits.  Costume details: Off-the-shoulder neckline is highlighted by the ruffles in this... View details

                  • Sexy Saloon Girl Costume. - new

                      At A Glance:  Picture yourself as a sexy entertainer who is able to make even the most bummed out person smile. That’s just what a salon girl can do! Costume Details: This is a two piece set... View details

                    • Sexy Peacock Costume . - new

                        At A Glance: Picture yourself as a perfect blend between peacock and fairy. That is just what this beautiful peacock fairy costume allows you to become. Costume Details: This costume features a corset covered in... View details

                      • Wild West Saloon Girl Costume

                          At A Glance: Imagine yourself walking around the saloon serving tall cold ones to the cowboys and cowgirls who enter. This sexy saloon girl costume is sure to keep everyone’s eyes focused on you. Costume Details: This... View details

                        • Spanish Lady Adult Costume
                            $45.00 $39.95

                            At A Glance: Imagine yourself dancing the flamenco perfectly. Even if you have two left feet, you’ll feel like a professional Spanish dancer while wearing this sexy costume. Costume Details: This slim fit black... View details

                          • Curvy Senorita Elite Collection Costume

                              At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a sexy flamenco dancer. You’ll look like a real Spanish sweetheart is this fiery number. Wearing Suggestions: The only way this costume could get any better is if you paired it with a... View details

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