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  • Gold Sequin Angel Wings

      Accessory Details: These Gold Sequin Angel Wings featuring a black and gold design and black shoulder straps is perfect accessory for your angel or fantasy charatcter ccostume. Costume and headband not included... View details

    • White Angel Wings & Halo Kit

        Accessory Details: This Angel Wings & Marabou Halo Kit is available in white or black and it is a perfect accessory for your angel costume. Top not included.  ***** Product Number:... View details

      • Gold  Velvet Angel Wings and Halo Accessory Kit (Adult)
          $20.00 $17.95

          Accessory Details: This is a high quality angel set with gold velvet wings and a gold halo to match. The wings feature a beautiful texture with feathers to make them nice and soft. The feathers have been dyed various shades... View details

        • Baby Doll White Angel Wings for Women - Feather,  approximately 22 inch high and 16 inch wide

            Accessory Details: Picture yourself as a divine angel who just flew down from heaven. These mystical angelic wings will really make you feel as if you have the power to fly. These wings are a one size fits most, they are 22... View details

          • Peacock Wings for Women's Costume - blue, green and black eye-spotted feathers

              Accessory Details: If you are a vibrant and beautiful woman, you should consider getting yourself a pair of these vibrant peacock wings for Halloween. Whether there are fairies or princesses at the party you attend, you are... View details

            • Black Butterfly Wings - sheer, silky black wings outlined in silver glitter
                $24.00 $20.95

                Accessory Details: Not all butterflies are filled with vibrant colors. These black butterfly wings are perfect for a girl who has always pictured her butterflies to be a lot darker and filled with evil. These wings are... View details

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