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Capes & Cloaks

  • Viking Valkyrie Cape & Shoulder Pads

      Viking Valkyrie Cape & Shoulder Pads Take your Valkyrie costume to a whole new level with this Valkyrie Viking Cape and Shoulder Pads! You will have the most fearsome Viking anyone has ever seen with the help of this... View details

    • Wonder Woman Pride Cape

        Wonder Woman Pride Cape If you're dressing up as Wonder Woman this Halloween then you definitely are going to want to pick up the Pride Wonder Woman Cape to complete your costume. Become the Amazonian goddess and take down... View details

      • Batman Pride Short Cape

          Batman Pride Short Cape Looking for the perfect cape to complete your Dark Knight costume? Then don't miss out on our Pride Batman Cape! Take on the Joker Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with ease all while donning this... View details

        • Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Cape

            Deluxe Adult Wonder Woman Cape Serve some Justice this Halloween when you gather you Wonder Woman costume together. Of course no hero is complete without her cape. The Woner Woman Deluxe Cape is officially licensed and is... View details

          • Star Wars Classic Lando Calrissian Womens Capelet

              Star Wars Classic Lando Calrissian Womens Capelet From the Millennium Falcon to an entire city in the sky Lando Calrissian has had it all. His most valuable treasure however is his iconic cape. The Classic Lando Womens... View details

            • Scarlet Red Womens Cape

                Scarlet Red Womens Cape Want to add a special finishing touch to your priestess or witch costume? Look no further since this scarlet red cape is going to get the job done one way or another. Introducing the Cursed Scarlet... View details

              • Batgirl Deluxe Short Adult Cape

                  Batgirl Deluxe Short Adult Cape Fly high throughout Gotham with the Batgirl Deluxe Cape. This is a great way to enjoy being a female hero! This cape comes in the classic black and yellow with a feminine feel. Combine with... View details

                • Deluxe Wonder Woman Adult Cape

                    Deluxe Wonder Woman Adult Cape Soar to new heights when you become Wonder Woman this Halloween. As this goddess of the Amazon you can feel powerful in knowing the world is in your hands. With the Wonder Woman Cape Deluxe... View details

                  • Black Long Hooded Female Cape

                      Black Long Hooded Female Cape There are some accessories that can create tons of looks with just your imagination. The Cape Black Hooded is one of those accessories. From a vampire of the night to a witch ready to fly away... View details

                    • Star Wars Jedi Hooded Cape

                        Star Wars Jedi Hooded Cape Ready to become the best jedi this universe has ever known? Then pick up the Hooded Jedi Cape and take on the Sith with might and pride! This brown hooded cape drapes over the shoulders and cuts... View details

                      • Deluxe Child Batman Cape

                          Deluxe Child Batman Cape If your child is dressing up as the Dark Knight this Halloween then dont forget to pick up the Batman Deluxe Child Cape! Every superhero worth his marbles needs a cape to take down the bad guys... View details

                        • Batman Adult Cape with Mask

                            Batman Adult Cape with Mask As the world's greatest superhero you have to have a few things. Mask? Check. Cape? Check with the Batman Adult Cape w Mask. Batman's two favorite incognito accessories are here to make sure... View details

                          • Batgirl Short Adult Cape

                              Batgirl Short Adult Cape No superhero is complete without their cape. That is why Batgirl is no different. Just like Batman Robin Wonder Woman and Superman Batgirl flies through the sky taking down villains with her fun and... View details

                            • Wonder Woman Short Adult Cape

                                Wonder Woman Short Adult Cape One of the world's greatest superheroes isn't Batman or Superman - it is Wonder Woman. A goddess of the Amazon she enthralls criminals and catches them with her lasso of truth. With the Cape... View details

                              • Super Proud Cape Mid Length

                                  Super Proud Cape Mid Length Turn heads with your rainbow colors when you wear our Adult Super Proud Cape - Long to show your spirit for your community this Halloween! This Pride themed costume piece is great for... View details

                                • Pride Rainbow Short Cape

                                    Pride Rainbow Short Cape Youre sure to feel proud on Halloween when you have our Adult Certified Pride Cape - Short to let everyone know that youre here and that they need to get used to it! The bright colors of this Pride... View details

                                  • Lord of the Rings Gray Adult Elven Cloak

                                      Lord of the Rings Gray Adult Elven Cloak When you?ɂĆre passing through the deep forests and rich worlds of Middle Earth you?ɂĆll need something to ward off the elements as well as look mysterious. Our Lord of the Rings:... View details

                                    • Black Long Hooded Cape

                                        Black Long Hooded Cape Become a man of mystery this Halloween with a product that will make for an excellent addition to your costume this Halloween. Pick up the Long Fab Hooded Cape and enshroud yourself in its concealing... View details

                                      • Girls Deer Hooded Caplet

                                          Girls Deer Hooded Caplet Your childs deer costume can have a fun and fashionable flair when you order her our Girls Child Deer Hooded Capelet! This deer costume has a hood and cape component that will give her the feeling... View details

                                        • Girls Unicorn Caplet

                                            Girls Unicorn Caplet Give your daughter a unicorn costume no one will forget when she wears our Girls Child Unicorn Capelet! Shes going to love proudly displaying her horn as part of this hood and cape ensemble since itll... View details

                                          • Celestial Blue Velvet Long Hooded Cape

                                              Celestial Blue Velvet Long Hooded Cape Shroud yourself in mystery with our Blue Velvet Hooded Cape. This lovely item is perfect for a variety of costume ensembles. Turn into a witch sorceress warlock fairytale character and... View details

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