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Costume Jewelry

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  • Gold Pegasus Wings Headband

      Accessory Details: Gold Pegasus Wings Headband is the perfect accessory for one of our historical or warrior costumes.  ***** Product Number: 2721 Availability: Orders placed by 1pm EST usually ship same... View details

    • Mermaid Pearl Headband. - new

        Accessory Details: This Mermaid Pearl Headband is the perfect accessory for your mermaid costume. it is featuring two gold starfish embellishments connected by two strands of pearls. Necklacde not included... View details

      • Silver Unicorn Horn Headpiece

          Accessory Details: Silver Unicorn Horn Headpiece is the perfect accessory for your beautiful uncorin costume. It's featuring a dainty chain, a twisted unicorn horn, and a draping beaded accent. ***** Product... View details

        • Mermaid Pearls Adult Body Harness. - new

            Accessory Details: This Mermaid Pearls Adult Body Harness is the perfect accessory for your mermaid costume. it is featuring a body chain made of pearls, dual strands accents, and a connecting gold starfish... View details

          • Faux Diamond Ring - traditional square cut

              Accessory Details: Not every girl can afford a diamond ring, so a traditional square cut giant faux diamond ring is the next best thing. This beautiful ring is sure to add a little sparkle to anything and everything... View details

            • Golden Metal Snake Armband - gold colored armband looks like a snake that wraps around an arm

                Accessory Details: This metal snake armband looks so real that people might really think you have a snake wrapped around your arm. This is a perfect accessory for an Egyptian queen, Roman goddess, or Greek goddess costume... View details

              • Spider Earrings - spider body made of black jewels, eight legs encrusted with black rhinestones

                  Accessory Details: Whether you have a love for spiders, or you are just looking for something classic and creepy to wear to a Halloween party these spider earrings may just do the trick. Pair these earrings with our spider... View details

                • Deluxe Black Widow Necklace - silvertoned chain with an intricately detailed black beaded spider attached

                    Accessory Details: This deluxe black window necklace is perfect for a girl who has a thing for creepy crawlers. The spider senses of everyone will be tingling as they see the creepy looking spider resting on the nape of... View details

                  • Gold Snake Armband for Egyptian Coustume - etched with scale-like patterns to simulate a reptile like design

                      Accessory Details: If you are dressing up as the Queen of the Nile for Halloween, this golden snake armband will really match the costume. This is the perfect accessory if you already have a Cleopatra costume all picked out... View details

                    • Gold Grecian Arm Cuff for women's costume

                        Accessory Details: If you are dressing as a Greek or Roman costume for Halloween, this Grecian themed arm cuff is just what you need. This gold colored arm cuff features a series of spirals that looks great without being... View details

                      • Gold Coin Grecian earrings for women's costume

                          Accessory Details: Whether you are dressing as a mermaid or as a goddess, these dangling Grecian earrings are an accessory you need to add to your wardrobe. These gold colored earrings are made up of a collection of... View details

                        • Women's Halloween Golden Bangels Set of 50 -  measures 8 inch in circumference, metal

                            Accessory Details: This accessory comes with a set of 50 gold bangles in every packet. These are very light and thin bracelets making it easy for you to wear all 50 of them all night. They are not going to make your arm... View details

                          • Flapper Imitation White Pearl Necklace
                              $8.00 $6.95

                              Accessory Details: Every girl wants a pearl necklace in her collection of accessories. Unfortunately, not every girl can afford to have one. The imitation 8mm pearls necklace is a happy medium for this dilemma. This... View details

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