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Costume Props

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  • Black Faux Leather Braided Mini Whip

      Accessory Details: Let imagination to run wild enough to play with Black Faux Leather Braided Mini Whip. It is perfect accessory if you want to add a dash of wild darkness to your sexy roleplay costume... View details

    • Leopard Kittty Crop

        Accessory Details: This Leopard Kittty Crop is a perfect accessory if you want to add a dash of wild imagination to your leopard or cugar costume. ***** Product Number: 3732 Availability: Orders placed by 1pm... View details

      • Pirate Black Purse

          Accessory Details: This Pirate Black Purse made in Bandolier style with a sash-style belt over the shoulder. ***** Product Number: 2621 Availability: Orders placed by 1pm EST usually ship same... View details

        • Warrior Shield With Zipper Back Pocket

            Accessory Details: This Warrior Shield With Zipper Back Pocket is perfect for any warrior or medieval knight costume.  ***** Product Number: 2702 Availability: Orders placed by 1pm EST usually ship same... View details

          • Sexy French Maid Costume Kit

              Accessory Details: The four-piece Sexy French Maid Costume Kit includes an apron, neck piece, wrist cuffs and headband. Bodysuit and tutu not included. ***** Product Number: A-1971 Availability: Orders... View details

            • Sexy Bunny Tuxedo Accessories Kit

                Accessory Details: The two-piece Sexy Bunny Tuxedo Accessories Kit includes a black bow tie white collar and white arm cuffs. Bustier and tutu not included. ***** Product Number: A-1978 Availability: Orders... View details

              • Black Lace Vampire Collar

                  Accessory Details: Black Lace Vampire Collar is stay-up collar with a lace-up tie front and boning. This is a perfect accessory for a vampire or varius evil characters costumes. ***** Product Number:... View details

                • Mermaid Costume Kit

                    Accessory Details: This 2 pieces Mermaid Costume Kit is the perfect addition for your mermaid costume. It's featuring long white arm warmers with attached iridescent fins and a matching headband with dual... View details

                  • Seaweed Boa 72 inches

                      Accessory Details: You'll be the best dressed mermaid in town when you wear this exotic green fabric Seaweed Boa accessory! This lush Seaweed 72" long boa is the perfect match to your mermaid costume.  The long... View details

                    • Pirate Chest Purse

                        Accessory Details: You'll never have to leave your treasure behind when you have this bag. This personal-size purse has the traditional shape and roomy interior. It's high style for the costume-party fashion,... View details

                      • Pirate's Treasures Pouch

                          Accessory Details: This pouch is sometimes every stylish pirate needs as a way to hold on to all treasures! With a parrot on your shoulder, sword at your side and eye patch on your face, the last thing you need is this... View details

                        • Genie Lamp

                            Accessory Details: Go ahead and grant some wishes! This is the perfect prop if you were to dress up as a genie with great and mystical powers! This bronze toned lamp prop will add just the right dose of magic to... View details

                          • Cupid Bow And Arrow Set

                              Accessory Details: Planning to play Cupid this Valentine's Day? You'll definitely need the Cupid Bow And Arrow Set.  Use the red plastic bow with white string to launch the sequined heart-tipped arrow toward your... View details

                            • Pirate Pistol

                                Accessory Details: This Pirate Pistol is the perfect gun accessory to complete your next pirate costume. The plastic toy replica of a pirate pistol is a lightweight gun toy with a plastic brown barrel, a... View details

                              • The Wizard of Oz Toto In Basket Deluxe

                                  Accessory Details: No Dorothy's costume is complete without her trusty Toto. You can complete your Dorothy look with this adorable The Wizard of Oz Toto In Basket Deluxe accessory.  This straw basket is a... View details

                                • Devil's Pitchfork

                                    Accessory Details: No devil costume is complete without the Devil's Pitchfork. When you put on the pointy horns of the devil, don't forget to grab this red hot pitchfork to complete your red hot costume. The pointy... View details

                                  • Pirate Patch and Earring

                                      Accessory Details: It's an absolute must to have accessory for any pirate costume.  It's lined in soft polyester and designed to fit comfortably over your eye. Even though its design speaks of simplicity, the faux... View details

                                    • The Wizard of Oz Heart Clock

                                        Accessory Details: This red heart-shaped plastic neckwear accessory is adorned with a picture of a clock at the center. The magical watch comes with a golden magical chain with white flowers. Although it is not a real... View details

                                      • Rabbit Purse - White/Gold - Alice in Wonderland

                                          Accessory Details: This White & Gold Rabbit Purse is perfect accessory for your Alice in Wonderland costume. This plush white rabbit purse futures a blue satin bow, glitter red heart detail, white handle... View details

                                        • Rhinestone Heart Black Crop

                                            Accessory Details: This Black Crop futures Rhinestone Heart at the top. It is perfect accessory if you want to add a dash of wild imagination to your cosplay costume. The handle is black and rhinestones... View details

                                          • Rhinestone Handle Vixen Black Whip

                                              Accessory Details: Is your imagination wild enough to see yourself using a whip? You have a chance to play this role with our Rhinestone Handle Vixen Black Whip. This lightweight whip is perfect if you want to add... View details

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