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  • Long Black Lace Evening Dress. -clearance
      $232.00 $141.99

      Bring a whisper of romance and elegance wearing this of long black lace evening dress. Constructed from a gorgeous lace that is covered with textured applique and sparkling beads, this elegant dress is styled with a... View details

    • Ice Blue Sheath Long Evening Dress. - clearance
        $284.00 $167.99

        Look like a princess from a fairytale in this Ice Blue Sheath Long Evening Dress. Light-catching beads trace linear motifs among ice blue floral-inspired print of this romantic gown with a sheer overlay and a gently flowing... View details

      • Gold Colombina Venetian Carnevale Mask.  - clearance
          $27.00 $21.95

          At a Glance: This Gold Colombina Venetian Carnevale Mask is versitile and minimal.  A half-face paper mache base hand-painted in gold without any decorations.  Simple enough to mask your identity and create... View details

        • Gold & Black Masquerade Ball Venetian Mask. - sale
            $32.00 $25.95

            At a Glance: This Gold and Black Masquerade Ball-Venetian Mask is stylish and seductive. A crown-shaped shiny gold and black base richly ornated with glittering floral baroque accents.  Dimensions: 6.5 x 4 inches... View details

          • Poison Ivy Eye Mask for Women. - clearance
              $19.00 $14.95

              At a Glance: This Poison Ivy Eye Mask is superpoweful and feministic.  A soft shiny bright green base ornamented with gold shimmering swirls and rhinestones on one side and a gourgous golden leaf with rhinestone... View details

            • Black Long Sheer Back Beaded Bodice Dress. - clearance
                $250.00 $179.99

                At Glance: This Black Long Beaded Bodice Dress is remarkable.  Make a stunning entrance in this long formal gown. Delicate beaded applique all over sheer mesh bodice illuminates this gorgeous dress with... View details

              • Black Mask with White Lace & Ostrich Plume. -sale
                  $27.00 $19.95

                  At a Glance: This Black Mask with White Lace & Ostrich Plume would create an enticing romantic look. A soft black base asymmetrically decorated with a white floral lace overlay at one side, leaving the other side. White... View details

                • Vampire's Vixen Adult Costume

                    At A Glance: Imagine yourself arising from your deep slumber inside of a coffin as a Vixen Vampire looking for blood donations. In this seductive piece, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them men to line up and... View details

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