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Fairytale & Storybook Costumes

Our fairy tale and storybook costumes are perfect for the woman who believes that fairy tale endings are real. Dress up like your favorite princess and show off. Whether you want to be a sexy version of your favorite princess, or you want to wear the traditional costume, you can! has it all.

We have short versions of the costumes, perfect for those who like to show off some skin, or are wearing the costume to an adult costume party. We also have deluxe versions of princess costume, which include everything you need to look like the traditional version of that princess. For example, our Deluxe Belle costume comes with the hoop skirt to poof out the bottom of the skirt. These deluxe costumes are more expensive, but come are made of great materials that have excellent detailing to give you the appearance of being the real deal.

Other costumes to choose from are Ariel, Aurora, and even Princess Jasmine. All of these are form fitting and have short skirts, or see through pants. These are a great way to feel sexy while you are at your next costume party.

Don't forget the wigs and matching accessories from!

Fairy Tale & Storybook Costumes

Look as if you jumped out of the fairy tale from your favorite storybook in one of our costumes. Be the princess you've always adored, or the one your kids adore. These costumes can be fun, flirty and sexy. Whichever you choose, you are sure to love our collection of fairytale and storybook costumes.

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