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Flapper Costumes For Women

A flapper was considered to be a "new breed" of young women in the 1920's. These women wore short hair styles, short skirts, and listened to jazz. They were the women who didn't want to follow what rules were set in place by society at the time. They wore excessive and bold makeup, drank alcohol, drove cars, and had casual relationships.

If you can relate to what the flappers stood for, then you'll love our collection of Flapper costumes. No matter what shape or size, we have costumes to fit everyone. Be the free woman you know you are. In these costumes you can take on the attitude those women had, and feel just as liberated. These women had fun. You can too when you step into one.

If you want to let your wild side free, and have a great time while wearing a costume, this is the perfect category for you. The Flapper costumes will bring out the Roaring 20s in you.

These costumes pair well with pearls, short-bob wigs, and feather headbands. A pair of simply black Mary Jane heels works well with the look. Have your date wear a nice suit and hat to make the look complete.

Flapper Girl Costumes for Women

Have some fun at your next costume party in a Flapper Girl costume. No matter which Flapper costume you choose, you're sure to be the life of the party.

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