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Girls Witch Costumes

  • Kids Black Hat with Feather

      Kids Black Hat with Feather Feel the power of magic with Harry Potter costumes and accessories. The Professor McGonagall Hat is an exciting way to complete your witch or wizard costume. This strong and powerful wizard is... View details

    • Glow in the Dark Treat Bag

        Glow in the Dark Treat Bag The Glow In The Dark Party Tote Bag is an adorable storage space for your Halloween candy. It features a wacky pumpkin face treat bag with tag. Trick-or-treat in style with this exciting accessory... View details

      • Witchie Cutie Baby Costume

          Witchie Cutie Baby Costume Forget cauldrons and magic potions; one look at your baby in this adorable outfit is all it will take to bewitch you! The Baby Witchie Witchie Woo Costume is wickedly cute and sure to put the... View details

        • Infant Witch Bib & Hat Costume

            Infant Witch Bib & Hat Costume No one will be able to resist your infant?ɂĆs bewitching spells when they see your child in our Baby Witch Bib & Hat Costume. This outfit features an enchanting witch?ɂĆs hat to help... View details

          • Girls Cool Witch Costume

              Girls Cool Witch Costume Show everyone not all witches have to be scary when you show up in this Cool Witch Costume for Kids! This complete comfortable and colorful children's take on the classic witch costume is just as... View details

            • Deluxe Spooky Witch Toddler Girl Costume

                Deluxe Spooky Witch Toddler Girl Costume There will be a lot of witches this Halloween so make sure you're stands out in a crowd with this Deluxe Spooky Witch Costume for Kids! This eye catching and fun to wear variation of... View details

              • Deluxe Pumpkin Witch Toddler Costume

                  Deluxe Pumpkin Witch Toddler Costume No Halloween is complete without pumpkins and in this Deluxe Pumpkin Witch Costume for Kids you will be the queen of the patch! Comfortable versatile and made of high-quality materials... View details

                • Salem Witch Girls Costume

                    Salem Witch Girls Costume No need to hold a trial--your little girl will be dubbed the scariest witch on the block when she wears our Girls Salem Witch Child Costume this Halloween! Complete with dress belt and hat this... View details

                  • Twinkle Witch Costume for Girls

                      Twinkle Witch Costume for GirlsCast spells fly on your broom and brew all kinds of magical potions this Halloween while wearing the Light Up Twinkle Witch Girls Costume! This adorable get-up comes with a gorgeous light up... View details

                    • Elegant Witch Child Costume

                        Elegant Witch Child CostumeYour daughter will be the cutest witch in town this Halloween when she puts on the Child Dazzling Witch Costume! Complete with a gorgeous green orange and purple dress adorned with golden trim as... View details

                      • Glitter Witch Girls Costume

                          Glitter Witch Girls Costume Give your daughter her most magical Halloween yet when you pick up the Glitter Witch Kids Costume! With this elegant get-up on your daughter will be flying on brooms casting spells and talking to... View details

                        • Fancy Witch Child Costume

                            Fancy Witch Child Costume Not all witches have to be scary! You are the prettiest witch on the trick-or-treat route when you are wearing this Fancy Witch Costume for Kids! This fun and lighthearted take on the classic witch... View details

                          • Stitch Witch Child Costume

                              Stitch Witch Child CostumeYour child has bewitched you since she was little now you can bewitch her with the Stitch Witch costume. The fashionable ensemble includes a dress hat and a belt. The dress is black and grey with... View details

                            • Fairytale Witch Costume for Gilrs

                                Fairytale Witch Costume for GilrsAn absolute classic this fairytale witch costume is the eye-catching and distinctive look you want this Halloween! Including dress and hat this can't miss and complete costume it is great for... View details

                              • Girls Gothic Enchantress Costume

                                  Girls Gothic Enchantress CostumeNo one will be able to resist your girl?ɂĆs darkly charms in our Girl?ɂĆs Gothic Enchantress Costume. This outfit includes a vintage style dress that is as lovely as it is gloomy. The attached... View details

                                • Girls Little Witch Costume

                                    Girls Little Witch CostumeFrom casting spells to brewing potions this costume does it all. The Girls Witch Costume is a Halloween classic and your daughter will feel enchanted when she goes trick-r-treating in it. Includes a... View details

                                  • Girls Purple Witch Costume

                                      Girls Purple Witch CostumeWhether she wants to be an evil enchantress or a sweet little spell caster your daughter will love the Purple Witch Girls Costume this Halloween. Outfit includes a black and purple dress with... View details

                                    • Girls Color Magic Witch Costume

                                        Girls Color Magic Witch CostumeWhether she's placing curses or charming her friends your daughter is sure to love the Color Magic Girls Witch Costume this Halloween. This spooky classic features a black purple and gold dress... View details

                                      • Girls Twilight Witch Costume

                                          Girls Twilight Witch CostumeAre you tired of the same costumes year after year? What to try something that will have your little one radiant but spooky at the same time? Well look at this Girls Twilight Witch Costume. This... View details

                                        • Girls Bat Witch Costume

                                            Girls Bat Witch CostumeYour daughter won't need any special potions or mystical amulets to feel the magic this Halloween not when she has the Bat Witch Girls Costume! This enchanted outfit is all kinds of spooky featuring... View details

                                          • Girls Turquoise Witch Costume

                                              Girls Turquoise Witch CostumeJust because you?ɂĆre a witch doesn?ɂĆt mean you have to wear all black. Yes that?ɂĆs right you can rock all sorts of colors and still turn someone into a frog. I mean like really get creative... View details

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