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Mermaids Theme

  • Mermaid Jewelry Stones Kit

      Mermaid Jewelry Stones Kit The perfect facial accessory to your mermaid costume! Selfadhesive jewelry gems, 2-color premium water activatedmakeup tray, fine detail brush, and sponge. Everything youneed in one kit!Country of... View details

    • Mermaid Glamour Tattoos Kit

        Mermaid Glamour Tattoos Kit A great accessory for your mermaid character especially ifyou want to avoid using makeup! Includes everything youneed on one sheet for easy transferring to the face. Safefor your skin!Country of... View details

      • Mermaid Boxed Makeup Kit

          Mermaid Boxed Makeup Kit Under the sea you will find the most beautiful mermaids! New Mermaid Kit will help you become a glamorous mermaid. Kit includes water-activated makeup in teal, blue, hot pink, and white. Also comes... View details

        • Long Wavy Layered Red Wig

            Long Wavy Layered Red Wig Become a ravishing redhead in this Long Wavy Layered Wig in a vibrant flame red! Great for a mermaid, a sexy Leprechaun, a sweet scarecrow, or a vivacious vampiress! Imported ***** Product... View details

          • Mermaid Green Wig

              Mermaid Green Wig Long flowing curly wig. Add to any mermaid costume for a finished look.Imported ***** Product Number: MR177223 Availability: Orders placed by 1 pm EST usually ship same day Manufacturer: Morris... View details

            • Mermaid Blue Wig

                Mermaid Blue Wig Long flowing curly wig. Add to any mermaid costume for a finished look.Imported ***** Product Number: MR177222 Availability: Orders placed by 1 pm EST usually ship same day Manufacturer: Morris... View details

              • Ariel Prestige Adult Wig

                  Ariel Prestige Adult Wig You can look just like Ariel with this Prestige, gloriously red 100% polyester hair wig. Imported ***** Product Number: DG98456 Availability: Orders placed by 1 pm EST usually ship same... View details

                • Mermaid Headpeice

                    Mermaid Headpeice No prince can withstand your charms when you have on this Mermaid Headpiece Accessory! These flowing locks of mermaid hair and this gorgeous undersea crown will let everyone know that youre royalty in the... View details

                  • King Neptune Pitchfork

                      King Neptune Pitchfork Rule the Seven Seas using our King Neptune's Trident. This mighty weapon is perfect for anyone to equip as part of their royal underwater ensemble. It comes as a long toy prop shaped like a trident... View details

                    • Mermaid Makeup Kit

                        Mermaid Makeup Kit Make people marvel at your next costume with this Moonlight Mermaid Makeup Kit. This costume kit includes face paint colors of purple dark green blue and a shimmery green. Also included is black paint... View details

                      • Neptune Golden Trident

                          Neptune Golden Trident Aquaman is going to need your help on Halloween and you can rush to his aid with our Neptune Trident Accessory! This tined weapon will give you all the fierce battle prowess you need to keep the... View details

                        • Mermaid Bracelet

                            Mermaid Bracelet Everyone will want to be part of your world this Halloween when you?ɂĆre wearing our Mermaid Bracelet! Whether you?ɂĆre Princess Ariel or another mermaid character your outfit will be complemented perfectly... View details

                          • Mermaid Hair Band

                              Mermaid Hair Band Sift through the sand to find this Sea Star Headband. Children and adults who love the mermaid style can have this as part of their watery wardrobe. It comes as a band to fit your head while featuring a... View details

                            • Mermaid Necklace

                                Mermaid Necklace This Mermaid Necklace will make you the most beautiful undersea princess this Halloween! Whether you?ɂĆre spending Halloween with kids or with friends your mermaid costume will be complemented by this... View details

                              • Flaming Triton

                                  Flaming Triton Not all are meant to be wielded by gods of the water this Flame Trident is yours to hold. The toy prop is long and features a traditional three-pronged design. There is a fiery style to each of them which... View details

                                • The Little Mermaid: Ariel Tiara

                                    The Little Mermaid: Ariel Tiara Your daughter will feel like the princess of the ocean with this Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel Classic Girl's Tiara. This crown is constructed with both clear and pearl blue beads topped... View details

                                  • The Little Mermaid: Ariel Wand

                                      The Little Mermaid: Ariel Wand There's just a little bit of magic in every princess. Grant wishes for other mermaids with this wand! The silver crown on top of the wand shows that you're a princess. The purple and teal... View details

                                    • Ariel Pet Costume

                                        Ariel Pet Costume Your little mermaid will be ready for an adventure under the sea in this adorable officially licensed Disney Ariel Pet Costume. Ariel dreamed of being where the people are and that will be easy for your... View details

                                      • King Neptune White Wig

                                          King Neptune White Wig Command the power of the Seven Seas this Halloween with a Godly accessory that would look right at home in the divine halls of Mount Olympus itself. Take your rightful place under the waves while... View details

                                        • The Little Mermaid: Ariel Deluxe Child Wig

                                            The Little Mermaid: Ariel Deluxe Child Wig Perfect your mermaid costume this Halloween with the radiant Ariel Deluxe Child Wig. It's amazing how bright and red Ariel can keep her hair while living down under the sea with... View details

                                          • Pretty Mermaid Baby Costume

                                              Pretty Mermaid Baby Costume Your precious little baby may not be old enough to swim but it's never too early to crown her as an undersea princess. The Baby Pretty Mermaid Costume comes with a blue and pink tutu dress... View details

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