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Bedroom Costumes

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  • Sexy Santa's Baby Costume. - new

      This stunning one-piece Sexy Santa's Baby costume is a red sequin romper with a soft white faux fur trim, pleated ribbon detailing and a corset style lace-up back. Leg warmers (C-121) and Santa's sequin hat... View details

    • Black Cat Bodysuit Costume. - new

        At Glance: Are you ready for some frisky feline fun in this sexy Black Cat Bodysuit Costume?  Costume Details: This is a body-hugging metallic black bodysuit with ripped front pant leg and shoulder... View details

      • Sexy Black Masked Bunny Costume

          At A Glance: Forget old plain vanilla plays and let your fantasies run wild in this Sexy Black Masked Bunny Costume! Costume Details: This costumes feratures a black faux leather sweetheart neckline wet look... View details

        • Sexy Wildcat Teddy Costume

            At A Glance: The two-piece Sexy Wildcat Teddy Costume is the perfiect option to show your wild side.  Costume Details: The costume featuring includes a keyhole cut out, leopard print teddy with... View details

          • Sexy Cougar Catsuit Costume. - new
              $65.00 $59.95

              At A Glance: The Sexy Cougar Catsuit Costume is the perfect option when you want to show off the beauty of your figure.  Costume Details: The costume includes a brushed Lycra leopard print catsuit with... View details

            • Sexy Kitten Catsuit Costume

                At A Glance: The Sexy Kitten Catsuit Costume is a good chance for you to show them your cat walk. Costume Details: The costume featuring a golden lurex leopard print catsuit with an attached tail, zip up... View details

              • Bad Nun Adult Costume. - new

                  At A Glance: Bad Nun Adult Costume is the kind of costume that’s perfect for a night of wicked fun. Costume Details: The costume featuring a black mini dress with zippered back, lace-up front... View details

                • French Maid Adult Costume. - new

                    At A Glance: You'll be the most attractive feature of any household in this French Maid Adult Costume! Costume Details: The costume featuring a black with white polka dotted dress with a sweetheart... View details

                  • Sexy Black Kitty Costume. - new

                      At A Glance: You'll be ready to have fun your way in this four-piece Sexy Black Kitty Costume. Costume Details: The costume featuring a faux leather zip-up catsuit with fishnet detailing, cut out bust,... View details

                    • Sexy Leopard Costume

                        At Glance: Don't be afriad to get wild in this Sexy Leopard Costume! Costume Details: This is an adjustable length leopard print dress, cat ear headband, and removable tail. Glovesm shoes and stockings not... View details

                      • Sexy Kitty Cat Costume

                          At A Glance: This Sexy Kitty Cat Costume is a good excuse to say "Meow" and to have some fun! Costume Details: This costume includes a furry black short dress with pink trim, two arm warmers, ear headband,... View details

                        • Sexy Goddess Halloween Costume

                            At A Glance: Ever wanted to be worshiped? Wear this Sexy Goddess Halloween Costume and you will be! Costume Details: This ancient greak style costume includes a gold lame trimmed dress and matching arm bands... View details

                          • Sexy Burlesque Costume. - new

                              At a Glance: Be a star of your own cabare show in this Sexy Burlesque Costume. Costume Details: Fringed corset with sequin trim and hook & eye front closure with adjustable back. Includes sequin burlesque... View details

                            • Women's Black Cat Suit
                                $52.00 $42.95

                                At Glance: You are going to be such a bad kitty in this very sexy Women's Black Cat Suit. Costume Details: This is a stretch satin long sleeve zipper front cat suit with clawed laser cut accents, faux vinyl belt... View details

                              • Sexy Goddess Costume

                                  At A Glance: This Sexy Goddess Costume is perfect choice for a sexy Greek, Roman, or Egyptian character! Costume Details: This costume includes a stretch knit dress with adjustable straps, gold foil... View details

                                • Burlesque Halloween Costume

                                    At A Glance: Imagine yourself dancing in this Burlesque Halloween Costume and be admired by every man. Costume Details: This dancer costume consists from corset-style dress, lace boy shorts, fingerless lace... View details

                                  • Sexy Black Kitty Costume. -new

                                      At Glance: Imagine yourself wearing this Sexy Black Kitty Costume and cracking the whip.  Costume Details: Includes black stretch bodysuit with high faux collar, long lace side sleeves, fitted bodice... View details

                                    • Sexy Devil Corset Costume Plus Size. -new

                                        At Glance: If you want to be a cute benign tempter, dress in this Sexy Devil Corset Costume designed for full figured ladies. Push someone to do something a little fun and a little wrong. That’s just what hot... View details

                                      • Sexy Angel Corset Costume Plus Size. - new

                                          At Glance: Imagine yourself as a sexy Innocent Angel who is mischievous and playful and able to delight and entice. This Sexy Angel Corset Costume Plus Size is designed for full figured ladies.  Costume... View details

                                        • Tuxedo Bunny Corset Costume Plus Size. - new

                                            At Glance: Imagine yourself as a Sexy Sequin Tuxedo Bunny in this corset costume designed for curvy women and bring the agility and freshness of a spring to your party! Costume Details: This five-piece set costume... View details

                                          • French Maid Costume. - sale
                                              $35.00 $29.95

                                              At Glance: Play the role of a Sexy French Mide at your costumed event and get all the eyes on you.  Costume details: White lace ruffles trim halter neckline and a mini apron in this sexy dress with a marabou hem... View details

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