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Masquerade Express Giving

You shop. We give.

Masquerade Express Giving is the same It’s the same products, same prices, and same services. There is only one difference; by shopping with us you joining others who participate in Cancer Prevention movement. As we are all touched by cancer in one way or another, we proudly donate 10% of our profits to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

You pay the same price when you buy, even when you take advantage of our special deals; use our discounts and other promotions. Nothing changes for you except knowing that you participate in the cancer prevention every time you buy form our store. It is not only we who donates part of our profit to charity, you are doing it with us when you click the "Place an Order" button.

Join countless of other women just like you helping to find a cure for and prevent breast and other types of cancer. You don't need to buy anything from us to do so. If you didn’t find anything that you like but still want to support our cause then you can donate directly by going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. But if you are looking for some new attire for fun, then give us a chance to assist you. We will help you to find the best outfit for you. Support cancer prevention and research every time you shop.

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