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Women's Vampire Costumes

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  • Black Victorian Ball Gown Costume

      At A Glance: Dress to impress in this in this Black Victorian Ball Gown Costume. Costume Details: This costume featuring long black sleeves with tiered grey accents, a square ruffled neckline, a silver... View details

    • Women's Wednesday Costume

        At A Glance: Dress up as a classic TV character Wednesday from Addams Family for your next movie theme costume event.  Costume Details:  This costumes features a low cut, scoop neck, long... View details

      • Women's Morticia Costume

          At A Glance: Dress up as a classic TV character Morticia from Addams Family for your next movie theme costume event.  Costume Details:  This costumes features a revealing, low cut floor... View details

        • Lily Munster Costume (Adult)

            At A Glance: Dress up in the Lily Munster Costume and pretend, for one night, to be one of the favorites TV characters from Munster TV show.  Costume Details:  This costumes features a pink velvet gown... View details

          • Morticia Addams Costume Adult

              At A Glance: Dress up in the Morticia Addams Costume and imagine yourself  as the classic TV character Morticia from Addams Family - a wife of Gomez and mother to Wednesday and Pugsley! Costume... View details

            • Sexy Vampire Costume (Ligth Up)

                At A Glance: This Sexy Vampire Costume is a perfect choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. Costume Details: This sexy outfits consists of a gloss stretch knit adjustable halter dress with lace ascot... View details

              • Vampire Women's Costume

                  At Glance: You'll add a twilight appeal to your party in this Vampire Women's Costume.  Costume Details: This costume features a long dress with colorful, scalloped cincher and matching choker... View details

                • Evil Queen Costume for Women

                    At Glance: You'll look as a real queen of Darkness in this sexy goth style Evil Queen Costume for Women!  Costume Details: This costume is a velvet dress with lace-up front and stand-up collar. Train can... View details

                  • Vampire Countess Costume (Adult)

                      At Glance: You'll be ready to join Count Dracula in his dark nights advantures in this is a beautiful goth style Vampire Countess Costume. Costume Details: This is an elegant, drop waisted black dress... View details

                    • Dark Sorceress Costume

                        At Glance: You know that you're beautiful and can get what you want even without casting spells. Wearing this Dark Sorceress Costume will increase your magical power and you will be able to bewitch everyone! Costume... View details

                      • Sexy Gothic Vampire Costume

                          At Glance: You'll look as a sexy gothic goddess of darkness in this Sexy Gothic Vampire Costume. Warning: the costume is a very revealing. A good choice to show off all your beautiful assets.  Costume Details:... View details

                        • Gothic Hooded Dress Costume

                            At Glance: This is a beautiful goth style dress perfect for witches, vampires and even a sexy red riding hood. Costume Details: This is a full length, red lace front black hooded dress with velvet and red... View details

                          • Gothic Princess Costume

                              At A Glance: Imagine yourself as a gothic dark beauty of the underworld. This Gothic Princess Costume is the great outfit to disguise yourself as a vampire, witch, sorceress or any  dark creature of the... View details

                            • Modern Female Vampire Costume

                                At A Glance: Show off your beautiful legs in this sexy Modern Female Vampire Costume!  Costume Details: This modern version of a gothic style costume includes a striking red and black satin and... View details

                              • Spider Witch Costume

                                  At A Glance: Are you planning to spin a wicked web around your bewitched victims? The Spider Witch Costume is your best choice to get it started! Costume Details: This gothic style costume is... View details

                                • Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume

                                    At A Glance: You're beautiful and you don't need a fancy dress to stand out in the crowd! The Seductive Dark Sorceress Costume is your very good choice for the next costume event.  Costume Details: This... View details

                                  • Twilight Vampire Costume

                                      At A Glance: Nothing will stop you from being the most attractive vampire vixen at the party in this Twilight Vampire Costume! Costume Details: This female vampire outfit includes the black mini dress with... View details

                                    • Gothic Vampire Costume for Women

                                        At A Glance: Become the most attractive vamp at the party with this great Gothic Vampire Costume for Women!  Costume Details: This gothic style vamp outfit includes the black full-length V-neck dress with... View details

                                      • Women's Ghost Costume

                                          At Glance: You will haunt their dreams in this Women's Ghost Costume.  Costume Details: This costume includes a white floor lenght nylon robe and matching nylon cape, white gloves, and ghostly... View details

                                        • Curvy Vampire Queen Costume

                                            At Glance: You can command Dracula to serve when you're wearing this Curvy Vampire Queen Costume. This Plus Size costume is designed for curvy women.  Costume Details: This costumes consists from a black... View details

                                          • Medieval Female Vampire Costume

                                              At Glance: The Medieval Female Vampire Costume is your chance to be an elegant vampiress at your next costume event.  Costume Details: This costume is a beautiful black and blue panels satin dress with... View details

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